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What Clients are Saying

My clients inspire me to be the best Meditation Coach I can be. Check out what some had to say about my meditation guidance.

I owe Deborah so much.

'At the start of the first lockdown Deborah brought me back to my mindfulness Practice.

Mindfulness  was something  that I had been aware of for some years but with Deborah's guidance I was able to think about what I was really feeling and how destructive these thoughts were.

At that time I was  feeling really apprehensive and panicky and anxious about everything and always expected a bad outcome  but with Deborah's help I was able to gently learn how to unlock my mind and realise that thoughts are not facts and through my mindful practice I am  a much happier person.

I am still a work in progress but I cannot recommend Deborah's Mindfulness and Meditation  high enough as without sounding dramatic  it has changed my life.'


'I’ve always struggled to meditate and given up when I don’t feel what I think I’m meant to be feeling! But having Deb guide me through the different sessions was a totally different experience. For the first time I felt able to ‘let go’ and immerse myself. And I loved all the different techniques there were depending on what you wanted/needed or had time for. Literally something for everyone. So happy I’ve found you Deb. Thank you for working your magic.'


'Hadn't done any mindfulness before but found the sessions really enjoyable and helped enormously. Deborah is really approachable and makes the sessions such a lovely experience.'


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