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The  Mindful Moments Subscription Box

Mindful Moments

The Mindful Moments Box will bring self-care to the doorstep. It will guide and encourage you to stop, pause and breathe. Allowing calm and clarity into your daily routine. The gifts in the box alongside your recorded meditation will help cultivate your mindful practice in a way that you did not think possible. Mindful Moments is truly a gift that is especially for you.

Subscription Box

How it Works

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New package opening
Subscription Box

Let Your Journey Begin

You are one click away from choosing your plan and joining a community of like minded souls

We preapare your box with your gifts. Last date to order 8th of each month &  boxes ship on the 15th of each month - FREE P&P

Your box arrives - your reminder to stop, pause & breathe. Allowing a little calm into your daily routine. 

Subscription Plans 

When choosing the 3 or 6-month plan you get a FREE GIFT in the first box -  plus FREE P&P on all Plans

Monthly Plan 

£42 per month 

Free Shipping 

3 Month Subscription

£40 per month 

Free Shipping 

6 Month Subscription 

£38 per month

Free Shipping 

Mind Body & Soul 

Each box will be themed & hand picked

with products ranging from

aromatherapy oils, sprays,  journals,

affirmation cards, crystals & guided meditations 

  • Each month you will recieve 4-6 items

  • A QR code with your themed guided meditation

  • Access to Mindful Moments FB Group

  • Learn more about the products & how to use them

  • Get exclusive talks with collaborated artisans

  • Get first knowledge & discount on courses & workshops

Clarity Blend’s Pulse Points Roll Ons are a perfect aromatherapy pick-me-up to help you through the day, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. These lovingly hand-blended pure essential oils are 100% natural and there’s a blend for every mood. Apply to pulse points such as inner wrist, behind the ears, on the temples or side of your neck for a burst of energy or a spot of calm just when you need it.


Brackenbury Candles offer a variety of  fragrances of different oils, florals and natural essences such as eucalyptus & rosemary.This produces a aromatic herbal blend that is stimulating & refreshing. Eucalyptus is known to combat stress and soothes the mind.

The Balance Spray - A supportive, focusing and grounding blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Juniper, Rose and Lime essential oils in pure spring water. With Cerato flower essence for trust in our souls wisdom. Can be used for: Aura/ Body Spray, Natural perfumeMeditation/Spiritual Practices, Room Spray


This Spray is made with Sussex spring water collected in the the wild Ashdown Forest. 


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Clarity Blend’s Eye Pillow are filled with dried lavender and 100% natural flaxseed, this aromatherapy eye and neck pillows are the perfect companion to your meditation, yoga or mindfulness practice. Soft and lightweight, it comfortably hugs your eyes and forehead, releasing facial tension and blocking out light. 

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my Mindful Moments box. I often put myself and my well-being at the bottom of the list, so this was just what I needed. The products were thoughtfully put together and I'm really enjoying carving out time for my mindful moments using the products. I would 100% recommend this subscription. I am looking forward to my next box"


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